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SurfNStuff, Inc. started in 2005 by Scott Talcott, a surfer and beach lifestyle enthusiast for over 40 years. (you can tell by the first photo) His BFF & surfing buddy Bob Wilkins (left pictured) both gained valuable experience, knowledge and expertise about surfing, gear and the surf and beach lifestyle. Their Beach or "Shore" roots started on Long Beach Island home of the Original Ron Jon's Surf Shop. Once bitten by the surfing bug, the entrepreneurial spirit of owning a business within one’s zest and quest for surf was fundamental to forming SurfNStuff, Inc.


    In 2008, Bob Wilkins joined the team. Bob owns Carolina Web Design and is an amazing graphic artist. We are both still surfing but are doing more Paddle Board surfing as we place more candles on our birthday cakes! 

    Bob and Scott learned to surf in Harvey Cedars New Jersey on Long Beach Island in the mid Seventies from Chip Wilkins, Bob's older brother. Thank you Chip! None of this would be possible without you teaching us in the flat Bay water first, then ocean! 

    The local “groupies” of Keith and Mary’s original Morning Sun Surfshop located in Harvey Cedars, New Jersey; Scott and Bob resurrected the name Morning Sun Surfboards in tribute to where they got their start for the love of beaches and surfing. The Morning Sun Surfboard logo depicts that amazing moment at sunrise where you see the waves for the first time at daybreak. You have been dreaming this moment all night and while travelling a few hours in darkness; getting up at 4am to make the drive hoping to see great surf for the day ahead. In the days before wave casting and cell phones! There is nothing like the daybreak surf session, paddling out with your buddies with the sound of surf and seagulls. Dropping in on that first wave is always a rush and different than any other wave you have ever ridden or will ride again that day. The joy, stoke and adrenaline from each wave is unimaginable until you experience it. On the drive home, you are at peace with everything! Later, you will feel the wonderful aches of the day and the memory of each wave will stay in your mind and heart. As luck would have it, Skip Miller, owner of Line Drive Surfboards set up his factory  in nearby Manahawkin. One summer, Scott to learn Board repair and how surfboards are made from scratch. Line Drive Surf Shop was in Harvey Cedars for 1 or 2 summers. Skip still makes the Line Drive Brand in the Bahamas. Another friend from those crazy summers on LBI was John Bilderback. An amazing drummer turned Scott on to Bill Bruford and King Crimson. Lot's of freestyle "Disc" frisbee on the beach! John followed his surfing passion to become a Senior Photographer at Sufer Magazine. The stories he must have! 

    Working in field that you love that has changed your life was the inspiration for  SurfNStuff.com. For us, the wonder and beauty of life is the synergy of people you meet throughout your journeys. For SurfNStuff, we have come full circle by inviting those that we have known from our journey to help build this collaborative online store. Each visitor is now part of our journey so welcome and or welcome back! Please tell us what you think or would like to see and we will build it together. If we would not buy it, you will not see it on our Store! Give us your feedback, thoughts and ideas. We would love to hear from you. scott@surfnstuff.com 

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    The mission is to provide top quality surf accessories and beach gear products, information and advice.


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